What should we wear for our session?

Wardrobe is obviously a big concern when prepping for family photos. You want to look your best! The days of wearing matching shirts and jeans or khakis are long gone. The goal is to have your family compliment each other but not be too matchy-matchy. I recommend choosing three complementary colors and selecting pieces that work well together, incorporating color, texture, layers and accessories. Avoid clothing that has logos, words, or super busy patterns. And don’t forget the details…jewelry, belts, hats, scarves, and shoes are a great way to add a pop of color and tie each individual family member’s outfit to the group. And speaking of shoes, keep in mind that your feet will be included in photos and a child’s beat up play shoes are not going to photograph well. Converse/Vans are a super cute alternative to dressier shoes in reluctant little boys and can be a fun way to add color and style. Also, keep in mind your location when selecting footwear. Heals in the woods or on the beach aren’t going to be practical for walking or photographs. I love bare feet for the beach. Check out my Pinterest page for great options for any season.

The only time I recommend the matching shirts and jeans option is when photographing your family during a newborn session. Family or sibling photos with a newborn are going to be cropped in tight and the less distraction from your baby, the better. I recommend mom wear a white tank top and for dad to come prepared with a well-fitting white tee or to go shirtless for a more organic, skin to skin photo. I also have lots of wraps for mom so that can do skin to skin shots with baby as well. Same for sibling…little girls look great with just a white tank top or tank style dress and little boys look handsome in a white tee and jeans or shirtless with jeans. Your newborn will either be in a wrap or naked for shots so no need to bring anything for them. Brand new babies tend to get lost in clothing this young, even newborn size.

What should I bring to the session?

There is no need to bring any props, blankets, or other items to include in photos as I will provide everything we need. If you have a special item that is meaningful to you that you would like to include such as a handmade quilt or blanket, an item that you photograph your child with regularly to show grown (i.e. a stuffed animal), or family plaque or banner, then by all means bring it along and we will include it in our shots. What is most important to bring along are items to help keep your little one happy…non-staining snacks and drinks, a favorite lovey or toy, a change of clothing just in case, and wipes to clean off little hands, faces, or runny noses. While technology might be a great distraction for children while they are waiting for their turn to be photographed, I don’t recommend pulling out an iphone or ipad during a session as I want their eyes to be on me. Unless of course you want to play their favorite song to help them get in the mood!

Where will the photos be taken?

Most newborn sessions will be held in my studio located in Eastlake. Newborn sessions may also be held at your home for an added travel fee. Milestone sessions for children only and Maternity session can be held in my studio or outdoors, weather permitting. Due to the nature of the session and limited space, I prefer to hold family sessions outdoors at a location of your choice in nice weather, at a large indoor location in the Cleveland area such as the Cleveland Museum of Art or the Rockefeller Greenhouse, or your home for a lifestyle feel. Not sure where to go for your session? I can recommend somewhere! Check out some of my favorite locations on my Pinterest board.

When will I receive my photos?

Your gallery will be posted online 2-4 weeks after your session. You may select and download your included images at this time, along with a print release so that you can print them yourself. In addition, I offer my clients access to my professional print labs and you may order directly from those companies though your gallery.

I would like to do maternity photos. When should I schedule them?

Maternity photos should be taken ideally between 32 and 36 weeks into your pregnancy. If you are carrying twins, we can schedule them before 32 weeks. I you are already past the 36 week point, contact me and we may be able to fit you in! It is best to schedule a session anytime past the midway point in your pregnancy to make sure we reserve your space on my calendar. I also offer a maternity/newborn which many soon-to-be moms and dads find perfect for their needs.

I would like newborn photos. When should I schedule them?

Newborn photos are ideally taken between 5-14 days after birth. If you are still pregnant, now is the perfect time to schedule! Scheduling 2-3 months prior to your due date ensures that you have a space on my calendar and allows me lots of time to consult with you and prepare for your custom session. What if you already delivered and need a last minute session or your baby is past the ideal age for newborn photos but you still want newborn style photos? Please contact me as I always try to fit in newborns as this time is so fleeting and I believe everyone should have these beautiful photos of their little one.

What if my newborn is older than the 14 days you recommend?

Not a problem! I have gotten newborn style sleepy images with babies up to 8 weeks old. An older newborn also gives us the opportunity to do more awake shots as older babies have better eye control. Contact me to discuss which session would work best for you.

May I purchase digital files with my session so I can print them myself?

Due to overwhelming demand, all sessions with Faith Koscho Photography offer digital files included in the session fee. The number of files included depends on the collection you choose. I understand the need to have access to the digital images to share or reprint as needed, but I also encourage my clients to have beautiful quality prints to display in their homes or give as gifts so access to my professional print lab is included in my collections. When you make the choice to print an image to hang in your home, you are definitely going to want a professional print over a cheap Walmart print. There is no contest between the beautiful color and quality you receive from a professional print lab and then cheap copy made from untrained employee at Walmart.

What do I need to do to book?

Contact me to schedule your session. After we decide on a date and location, I will send you a session contract, invoice, and questionnaire for the session. Everything can be completed online. One half of your session fee will be paid at the time of booking as a retainer with the remainder due at the time of the session.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! All session fees are paid in two or more payments and first year baby plans are paid in multiple payments over your baby’s first year.

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