You’re graduating! Congratulations! Such a pivotal moment, a time to celebrate your accomplishments and take that next step forward into adulthood! It is also the perfect time for photos. You may need senior portraits for the yearbook, a graduation announcement, a slideshow at school, and of course mom & dad want some (they are so proud of you), but have your photos taken for you! Have you heard people talk about their “high school days” fondly? Believe me, you will love to look back at photos of yourself someday. Have you seen the awkwardly posed studio pics your parents had when they graduated? Yeah, let’s not do those kinds of photos. I love photos that highlight the real you. And yes, I know some of you don’t want your photos taken and your parents are making you, but I promise, it will be fun and you will look amazing!

Your senior session will not be cringy. Just you being you and me making you look and feel your best. I focus on beautiful, timeless photos that you will love to look back on for years to come. Pics you would be proud to share on instagram. We can hold them in a location that is totally you. Love nature? Hang out at a coffee shop? Like an urban feel? Let’s do it! Wear outfits that match your personality. Play a sport or an instrument…bring your stuff! Obsessed with your dog? Bring your dog (no really, please bring your dog!!). Check out my Pinterest board for ideas. Have more questions? Let’s talk! I’d love to hear from you!

Message me to book your spot!

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