The newborn phase is so very precious and incredibly fleeting.  If you have had a baby before or have a close friend or family member who has had a new baby, you may have noticed how very quickly the baby grows in the first few months.  It is truly amazing!  In just a month or two your baby will change from a tiny, squishy, sleepy newborn to a chubby, smiley, wakeful baby!  All stages of babyhood are wonderful, but there is something about preserving the beautiful innocence of first days when life is new and your family begins.  That is where the newborn session comes in. Ideally held within the first two weeks of life, the newborn session can include just photos of the baby, sibling poses, and/or photos of the whole family depending on the package you select. And I believe that everyone should have gorgeous images of their newborn, so I offer several collections to meet your needs with payment plans available for all single and multi-session collections.

I have been photographing newborns for almost 9 years and I treat your baby like I would my own. The experience of having three kids of my own, plus having photographed over 300 newborns has given me the ability to anticipate your baby’s needs. Every baby is different and I can tell from their body language, their whimpers, and even their reaction to some poses if they are comfortable, need a feeding, are perhaps gassy, don’t like being on their stomachs, etc. I follow the baby’s lead so that your session goes smoothly, we get beautiful shots, and your baby comfortably sleeps right though it! The two things that I hear most during my newborn sessions are “You are so patient!” and “Wow, you are the baby whisperer!”

In addition to my experience, I take safety very seriously. You do not want to hand your precious infant over to someone who does not understand posing your baby so they are fully supported, keeping their tiny airways open, and making sure their circulation isn’t hampered. I have completed several newborn safety classes and am Safety Certified by the APNPI, an organization for newborn photographers. Additionally, I have received the Qualified Newborn Photographer accreditation from the same organization. I have trained with some of the best photographers in the business and have attended numerous newborn photography training conferences including The Baby Summit and the annual Newborn Retreat.

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