I love to photograph children. I love to capture their unique personalities, their innocent beauty, and the relationship they have with their siblings. I love to see their genuine smiles as we play and act goofy and even their serious faces when they haven’t quite warmed up yet at the beginning of the session and I know you love both of those faces as a parent. Whether a baby is in my studio for a three month milestone session or your teenager reluctantly goes along with your wish for updated pictures, I know that each of those moments in time are important to you.

During your baby’s first year, he or she will grow so rapidly and learn so much. In addition to a newborn session, I recommend a session when they are around 3-4 months to document how quickly they have grown in those first few months as well as to document how they can hold their heads up at tummy time. We may even get some real smiles at this age! Next up is the sitter session, typically between 6-7 months. During this time, they are super smiley, have mastered sitting up, can grab their toes while they lay on their backs and are bursting with personality. The next stage is when they can stand supported or maybe even all by themselves. This is typically between 9-12 months. You may choose to hold one or two sessions during this time, possibly one at around 9 months and another at 12 months to commemorate their first birthdays.

For kids over age 1, I recommend at least one annual session. I recommend holding this session during April – October if possible so that we can be outside to play and give your child(ren) some freedom to run around and play. If you want to do the session close to their birthday each year and they were born in the winter months, we can hold the session in the studio or even your home!

Having three kids of my own and the experience of photographing hundreds of children, I know the importance of working around naps, having snacks on hand, having a blanket or toy for comfort, and turning the session into playtime rather than sit still and smile time. I will work with you to schedule your session at a time where we balance your child’s schedule and ideal light outdoors for the beautiful images you want.

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