About Me


Years of Experience

Faith Koscho Photography has been in business since 2012.


Newborns Photographed

I’ve photographed over 300 newborns, including singletons, twins, and triplets.


Families Photographed

I’ve had the pleasure to work with over 1000 families, many of whom I’ve been photographing for years.


Are you scrolling through websites on your phone, trying to find the “perfect” photographer for your newborn session and getting overwhelmed with the options and what you should be looking for? Were you on Instagram, looking at your friend’s adorable photos of their kids and thinking that you need to get some of your own soon?Are you a mom of three, chilling in your athleisure wear “trying” to take 5 minutes for yourself, who knows they need to get updated family photos soon but the idea of trying to get yourself camera ready, everyone in coordinating outfits, the hubs on board with the investment of beautiful family photos, and everyone on their best behavior just too much work? ←GIRL, SAME!🤣

Hi there, I’m Faith!

I’m a photographer, living and working in Northeast Ohio. When I’m not photographing your family, I’m hanging out with my husband, three kids, two dogs, and drinking lots and lots of coffee! I love babies, yoga, and my new obsession – scrolling mindlessly through Tiktok. I hate negativity, cooking, and when I have to actually use my phone to make phone calls.

I’ve always loved photography and especially looking at old pictures of my parents and my childhood. To me, photos are tell a story that just words can’t convey. When my first baby was born, I took thousands of photos of him in his first few weeks of life. I wanted to capture every little expression. I couldn’t believe all of the amazing facets of his personality and how fast he grew. My other two children were no different. They taught me to focus on what I was passionate about…which is being their mom and capturing those precious moments through photography. I know how much a photograph means to a parent because I am a parent too, clicking away to document their smiles and silly faces and capture their personalities and their beauty so I can look back and remember these days. My photographic style is a mix of lifestyle and posed because I value telling a story as much as looking at a really beautiful piece of art.

I am Newborn Safety Certified and was awarded the Qualified Newborn Photographer Accreditation from APNPI.

I’ve trained with some of the top photographers in the business attending, Imaging USA, The Baby Summit, and The Baby Retreat & The Family Retreat.

What to expect during your session:

1) Your session with me will always be laid back.

2) I do not expect your two year old to follow directions, your newborn to sleep the whole time, or your kids to be on their best behavior. I do not expect dad to be comfortable in front of the camera or mom to be stress free after she just completed the nearly impossible task of prepping a family for family photos. If any of these things happen I will be amazed and tell you so!

3) I will play with your kids and act super goofy so I can get to know them and make sure that they are having fun. Happy kids = real smiles = fantastic photos! Plus, I love to be goofy and have fun. Kids are awesome!

4) If you are having your newborn photographed, I will treat your little one like my own. Frequent breaks for feedings, rocking and cuddling, and cleaning up after a baby who is diaperless for the shoot is par for the course. I love newborns and really enjoy getting those precious photos for you.

5) I am versatile. You have great ideas you want to include? Cool. You have no idea what you want? That’s cool too. I’m sure to have lots of ideas for you.

Sound like we would work well together?

What’s Good

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